China's Largest Consumer Giant Suddenly Fell?
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On March 6, P&G announced that it would be delisted from the Paris Euronext. The shares of P&G on the exchange will be removed from the European Clearing House in France on April 4, 2019. Procter & Gamble stocks will continue to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Procter & Gamble is delisted from the Paris Euronext, not the NYSE! So what is the difference between the two?

It is understood that the Paris Euronext is not the only "battlefield" of P&G in the stock market. Its "main battlefield" is the US New York Stock Exchange, which continues to be listed, accounting for more than 99.9% of P&G stock trading volume.

However, what is interesting is that in the news that P&G has withdrawn from the Paris stock market, which is of little value to it, in China, it has been misinterpreted by many media heading parties as information such as “falling the altar”. What is wrong with this?

In the context of the decline in sales of P&G for many years, coupled with the rumors of the “delisting”, the intensification has become the so-called “slowness”. For a time, various analysis conclusions such as “disappearance of channel advantages” and “aging of brands” have come to the fore.

I just want to express that many people have only seen these problems, but have intentionally or unconsciously ignored P&G's efforts in solving these problems in recent years. Today, P&G is on the road to innovation and change.

You can see that China, as the largest market, is naturally the “cake” that P&G is committed to innovating and developing. With the personalized consumption concept of the main consumers of China's new consumer groups and the mobile terminalization of consumption and information channels, P&G has re-distributed the marketing path, reduced the placement of traditional advertisements, and fully implemented the strategy of rejuvenation. In addition to product communication, P&G has also carried out more accurate distribution on digital media, using a variety of methods such as word-of-mouth communication on social media to achieve significant brand communication in the media. They are making efforts to expand the way to Innovation.

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