Crazy News for Increasing Material Cost of Sanitary Products
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     Recently there is a big turmoil about raw materials price of diapers. Why do this happen so suddenly?

     It is reported that at the beginning of year, the cost of coal, paper-making is increasing, which initiate a fire for the following crazy news.

     In addition, government takes measure to fall out small illegal industries and small workshop to standardize enterprise. At the same time, some speculators intend to speed up the price of coalpaper and etc.

    Confronted with such situation, many material suppliers have to go up the cost to solve the ever-increasing need, as now the supply and demand cannot match.

    For the time being, almost materials has a stable fluctuation. There is a sharp increase about price of non-woven fabric, wood pulp, Sap, and tissue paper, only side tapes, spandex, and glue are relevant stable.

    Such change will be a big challenge for customers and us, after all, this is as struggle, anyone who can survive will be best one, how do you think so?

    Welcome to have your idea here. I would like to know your idea.

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